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Emergency Lighting

  • Emergency lights and exit signs are strategically placed in businesses so that in the event of a power outage, the lights and signs will create a pathway for occupants to exit the building safely.
  • NFPA 101, OSHA and State electrical /building codes require that all emergency lights and exit signs with battery backup, be operated for 30 seconds on a monthly basis and for a minimum of 90 minutes on an annual basis. For that reason, ASAP Fire & Safety offers both monthly and annual inspections.
  • Annual testing exercises the battery and charging system, to insure proper battery life. Most failures are due to old batteries greater than 4 years old, which can’t hold the proper 90 minute charge, defective bulbs or a defective charging system.
  • We provide the installation, maintenance and inspections for all brands and models of emergency lights and exit signs.



Emergency Lights & Exit Signs